Electric Actuator 500-125 Series



Including Analog, Hart or Modbus signals transmitted from remote location. It is an electrically driven rotary motor directly coupled to either an ACV or an FCV Valve.
The design provides smooth, highly accurate positioning, with positive position lock when not in motion. A stepper motor produces torque, which is transmitted to the output shaft through a geared transmission. This allows the low torque, high-speed motor output to be converted to high torque, lower speed actuator shaft output motion. The built-in electronics control the stepper motor’s speed and direction. They also control the actuators end limits, user defined limits, dead band, 4-20 mA output signal, and 9 digital outputs. The electronics initialize the valve automatically when first installed. The electric motor and all electric controls, if required, are enclosed in the Explosion Proof Housing, which can be supplied to NEMA standards for hazardous locations for CLASS 1, DIVISSION 1 GROUPS C & D.
The actuator and valve assembly is a compact package that offers precise control of flow through the valve. Rotary stem positioning is accurate to at least ± 0.5% of full travel. A hand wheel for manual setting is also available.
The power supply specified can be 110 VAC, 220 VAC, or 24 VDC. For pulse options it may run from 8/30 VDC.


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