ACV Series – Adjustable Choke Valves


These valves are used where high flow rates and high differentials are encountered. Merla’s ACV series can be used for applications such as wellhead production chokes, secondary recovery projects for water and gas injection or as thermal recovery. An easily read indicator ring, calibrated in sixty-fourths of an inch, provides accurate flow control, and a spring-loaded Teflon® packing design forms a bubble-tight stem seal.
The ACV’s design has also given field consideration by allowing stem and seat to be removed manually without requiring custom tooling or removal of valve body from line during maintenance or inspection. Optional stem locking capability and specialized coatings are also available upon request.
They are available in 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4” and 6” body sizes and a wide range of configurations. The Adjustable Choke Valves are available in standard Stem & Seat trim design and in a Ported Cage design that will provide protection from deterioration caused by cavitation and erosion. These valves can be rated up to 10,000# PSI [68,950 kPa] working pressure.
Valve Trim sizes are available from 1/8” – 3” Stainless Steel, Tungten Carbide & Ceramic, other coatings are also offered. High temperature ACV valves & Linear Self. Aligned Trim are also designed and available.


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