Pneumatic Actuator MV-60 Series



They act as high-pressure regulators, dump valves, or time cycle controllers for intermittent gas lift applications. The Pneumatic Actuators make effective well-head control units, constant-rate controllers and differential pressure controllers. In addition, they can be used in low-rate, low-pressure gas and water injection applications.
With its Pressure Open/ Pressure Close Trims, the valves can be configured to any necessary application, such as a plunger lift, internment gas lift, separator dump valve, and others. This motor valve can support any FCV made by Merla up to 3600# PSI working pressure.
Pressure Opened (PO) and Pressure Closed (PC) configurations use similar components, requiring only to change stem and seat, making MV-60 versatile and cost-effective. They are available in angled and through configurations, and 1”, 2“ and 3” body sizes. They also come with threaded, welded, or flanged connections with optional tungsten-carbide trim and in ¼”, ¾”, ½” and 1″ trim sizes manufactured in stainless steel.


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