We are a Texas based company founded
in 1937 by Charles Crickmer & Charles Paul Lamb

Since the beginning, we have been moved by an entrepreneurial
spirit and a vision to manufacture products outside the box.


We are passionate about our work and transfer it into our designs and the way we relate to customers.

Over the last 77 years, we have been committed to innovation and have applied continuous improvement processes to produce state of the art products with the latest technology. We actively investigate and develop new products to add value to our customers and stay ahead of the game.



THE MERLA advantage


To design and provide innovative, high quality and custom-made solutions that effectively meet the needs of our customers.


To be an innovative technological leader with flexibility to provide the best customized solutions placing its industry expertise to service clients worldwide.


  • Passion for what we do.
  • Commitment to meet the customers’ needs.
  • Efficiency to provide customizable solutions.
  • Innovation to stay ahead
    of the game.


  • API License


    Merla is an API 6A certified company for Choke Valves at PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3 with PR1 and PR2 designs. Our license number is 6A-1371.


  • Merla is founded in Dallas

    Founded in Dallas, Texas by Charles Crickmer & Charles Paul Lamb to design gas lift products for the United States market.

  • 25 years of success

    After 25 years of success in business, Teledyne acquires Merla.

  • Merla starts to commercialize

    Merla starts to commercialize products in Venezuela.

  • Surface Products

    Teledyne decides to introduce surface products, such as chokes valves.

  • Halliburton buys Merla.

    Halliburton buys Merla.

  • Under Halliburton’s leadership

    Under Halliburton’s leadership, Merla designs the Positive In-Line valve.

  • Camco Products & Services

    Camco Products & Services becomes Merla´s new owner

  • Research & Engineer

    Schlumberger buys Camco Products & Services.

  • Merla Designs the Rotary

    Schulumberger bought Tejas Research & Engineering.

  • Merla starts to commercialize

    Merla starts to commercialize products in Colombia.

  • vMonitor acquires Merla.

    vMonitor acquires Merla.
    During vMonitor´s period, Merla engineers the MQD (Merla Quarter Turn Disk Valve), Explosion Proof Actuator, New FCV, Ceramic Chokes, Integral Bodies, & other designs.

  • Merla 500-125 actuator

    Merla designs the electric Merla 500-125 actuator.

  • Merla develops new FCV (1-1/4” & 1-1/2”).

    Merla develops new FCV (1-1/4” & 1-1/2”).

  • A group of international engineers

    A group of international engineers with a vast trajectory in the oil and gas industry acquires Merla and they begin to write the company’s future.

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