Commitment to offer products for every need.

"In Merla, we are familiar with the market and listen to our customers´
needs to engineer the most customizable, user friendly and efficient solutions."

Competitive Advantages

  • High Quality

    All our products are API 6A &
    ISO9001:2008 certified.

  • We manufacture the bodies in Europe, and all other components in our facilities in Houston, Texas to preserve and guarantee Merla ́s high quality and high production standards.
  • Lead Innovation

    Merla was conceived to
    create products and solutions
    outside of the box.

  • We conduct exhaustive research, computational analysis and laboratory testing to produce continuous improvements to stay ahead of the game. Our in-house testing has been crucial to combat wear and corrosion in valves for decades.

Our Products

Merla is known worldwide for providing high quality products, sound engineering and reliable customer service.

Since 1937, we have been designing and manufacturing trustworthy and sound engineered products with the highest quality API/ ASME standards. We are passionate about our work and we transfer it into our research, design engineering, testing and the way we relate to customers. Above all, we are attentive and agile, which enables us to show efficiency throughout our processes.

Our commitment to innovate in the use and development of new materials, coatings and other features in our products, along with our constant in-house testing, has been crucial to combat wear and corrosion in valves for decades.

Merla valves are chosen worldwide for its original designs with decades of proven excellence in field history and continuous design optimization.

Merla is an ISO9001: 2008 and API 6A certified company that has achieved undisputed industry leadership in valves distributing its products worldwide.

Our CNC machines manufacture over 6,000 in-house components per month made out of 410SS, 316SS, and aluminum, among others, including: stems, seats, indicators, and other machined components. Bodies are forged and casted in Europe and the United States to preserve Merla´s quality standards.

Product Catalog

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